Writing Tips

Okay, if you really want to try your hand at “copywriting” (the old-school word for ‘writing content for articles, advertising and, now, websites’), here are some tips to help you out. But call me when you run out of patience!

1. Keep it simple

Distill down those complex thoughts into smaller, digestible bites. People absorb clear, direct information much easier than elaborate discussion. Even sophisticated ideas can be broken down into smaller, more comfortable portions. The trick is, you have to first figure out what are the most important things to say about your business. In other words:

2. Identify what makes you unique

Take some time to think about what sets you apart from others in your field or industry. Look at the sites of your competitors and see how they express themselves in their copywriting. What do you want to do the same or differently?  On your website, you’ll want to put front and center those qualities, products and actions that are unique to you.

3. Speak to one person at a time

The reader is drawn in when you speak to them. Like I’m speaking to you now. It should feel like it’s just you and me having a conversation. Ideally, you’ll have sketched out  the characteristics of the customer or client that you want to reach. That step will give you an idea of what their language is, and how to speak it. Then, write in a conversational tone. Be relaxed. But be professional too. Don’t lapse into opinions, judgments or commentaries. (Save those for your blog pages!)

4. Give a little. Give a lot.

These days, most people don’t read websites. They scan them. So give them what they want by giving them the bird’s eye view of your products or services. Draw the bigger picture so that people can review and discern whether they’re even in the ballpark of what they’re looking for. For example, the home page is the perfect place for a general discussion of services you offer, techniques that are available, categories of products, and so forth. Then, for those people who want more detail, you can provide a separate page for an indepth discussion. This way, whether your visitor is a scanner or a reader, they can get what they need on your site.

Well, I hope this has helped to point you in the ‘write’ direction for your project! Remember to jot down my contact information for when you’re ready to receive some help!

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Posted August 4, 2012 by writebydesignpro