Provide your website with the smart, compelling content that will grow your business!

I specialize in helping small businesses make a big splash on the web. By illuminating your best qualities, your readers will notice the difference between you and your competitors. They’ll appreciate what you do and how you do it, and will want to purchase, click, sign up or visit!

With Write by Design, you get my:

•  friendly, professional service that works with you and your schedule
•  25 years experience as a professional writer, copywriter, author, journalist and editor
•  real world know-how in business, marketing, branding, advertising and sales
•  commitment to keeping up with the latest research in effective copywriting
•  efficient time-sensitivity so that you get the most value from your copywriter
•  honest desire for your business to thrive!

In this era of social media and wall-to-wall advertising, effective websites have to grab the attention of busy people with a lot on their minds! Let me help you make that first impression a positive and engaging one.

“Can’t I just write it myself?”

Sure!  However, research attests that a professionally written website is far more successful at attracting visitors and increasing business. Why? Because the complexity and expectations of a website are sooooo different from any other writing platform.

Great copywriting combines the best ideas, organization and style to make your website easy to read and easy to believe. It is the unseen helping hand that targets your audience and makes it easy for them to buy from you.

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Provide your website with the best copywriting available!


Posted July 18, 2012 by writebydesignpro